Kepa: “I’m ready to give 100 per cent for Real Madrid”

Kepa Arrizabalaga was presented as a Real Madrid player on Tuesday afternoon in front of club directors, members and legends. He later on held a press conference with the media where he discussed why he picked Real Madrid, watching Casillas as a child and much more.

Here’s his press conference in full:

Kepa on his transfer

“These have been an intense few days. I had a call after training and it all accelerated quickly. When I had the offer from Real Madrid, it was all clear for me. It’s true that I had other offers from big clubs, but the decision was quite quick and easy once this option came about.”

Real Madrid, the king of Europe

“I’m not under pressure due to that sentence. I still think the same. I wasn’t at Real Madrid and I thought they were the best and I still do. When I was at Chelsea we played against them in the last three Champions League campaigns, and I thought they were the best because I experienced it. We all agree with that.”

Kepa on Courtois’ injury

“Yes, I have spoken with him and he’s going through the worst thing in football right now, which is an injury. I hope he can recover and be back on the pitch soon.”

Teammates in the national team

“I’ve had Real Madrid teammates in the national team. Not in recent times, but over the last few years I’ve asked questions, I’ve had conversations and I’ve continued to get that feedback. From the outside, what you see is amazing and when you meet people who have been here for so long, it reinforces that.”

Kepa on staying beyond the loan

“I hope so. Today is day one and I’m here on loan, but we’ll have time and we’ll see. I hope that with my effort and performances this can happen.”

Kepa on his shirt number

“I chose 25 because 1 and 13 were taken by Courtois and Lunin. I’m happy to wear 25. I don’t want to compare. I’m here to forge my own path and make my own name. What I do or don’t do will be down to my name, not because of comparisons with other goalkeepers.”

Kepa on his time at Chelsea

“I was able to play with great players and we competed for most titles most years. It was a great experience and one I’ll never forget.”

Kepa on his maturity

“Things change a lot in football, so I try to focus on the moment. I feel prepared to give 100 percent for Real Madrid. I feel like I’m arriving in my best moment, after a great season. I’ve definitely matured a lot given all the experiences I’ve had. I can assure you that I’ll never be short of commitment and hard work. It’s been an intense few days, but when I had the opportunity to join Real Madrid, I was sure of everything.”

Kepa on growing up watching Casillas

“I remember watching Iker Casillas in the Real Madrid goal and he was one of my role models. I’m not thinking about comparisons. I’m focused on making my own story here.”

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