Rodrygo: “Modrić is like a father to me.”

Rodrygo was interviewed by UEFA’s official media, with the Brazilian speaking about the European Super Cup final against Eintracht Frankfurt, his relationship with Modrić and Ancelotti, winning the Champions League and more. Here’s his interview in full:

European Super Cup

“I’ve never played in a European Super Cup. I’ve only played the Spanish Super Cup and I think it’s brilliant. I’d like to play in it every year. We have to win the Champions League in order to do that and I want to win the Champions League every year. It’s going to be really special for me. When we play in a final, we just want to win it, regardless of the name of the competition. Whether it’s the Super Cup, the Champions League or any other competition, we always go out to win. It’s the mentality of our team.”

“I’ve developed in every area. Every day I train and work hard to improve as a person and as a player. I’m more mature now, I mix with older people who teach me lots. It’s the same from a playing point of view, learning from the best players in the world. I’m learning and improving every day.”

Dream come true

“I have to say to myself sometimes: ‘My God, I’ve won the Champions League! It’s still hard to believe that I’ve won it. It was always one of my biggest dreams: playing for Real Madrid and winning the Champions League. I’ve managed to already do it at the age of 21. It’s difficult to digest the fact that I’ve actually managed to do it. I’ve not only won the Champions League, I’ve won LaLiga twice and the Spanish Super Cup twice. I don’t think it could have been any better.”


“He really helps me. Playing with him is much easier, given the quality he’s got. He’s like a father to me.”


“He wins, that’s what he does. He always wins, he’s incredible. He’s been successful everywhere he’s been and it’s no different here. He’s done an amazing job with us since the day he joined.

“I remember everything he said to us during pre-season, the advice he gave us. The team kept growing and improving throughout the season, we had a few tough moments but it all worked out well in the end.”

Personal form

“I’d like to score more goals every day, provide more assists and play more. I believe I’m improving and playing better every season. I think I played well in my first season, I couldn’t play much in the second year due to the serious injury I had and I was better in the third season. In the coming season, I believe I’ll be even better than in previous seasons.”

“I don’t like to set goals. I don’t like to think about a number of goals or assists. I don’t like that. I just focus on being better than I was last season. My goals are to play better in the next game.”


“Playing under pressure is more fun. It’s no fun to play with nothing at stake, especially when we’re talking about competitive sports. Having that pressure is a good thing.”

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