Rodrygo: “Everything was agreed with Barcelona.”

Rodrygo was interviewed by Goal where he was quizzed about his signing for Real Madrid and analysed the situation Vinicius is going through in LaLiga. Here’s his interview in full:

Chances of catching Barcelona in the league

“It’s always possible, we have to believe until the end. In my first season we were many points behind Atletico Madrid and then we came back. We’re going to try to win every game and see what happens.”

Almost joining Barcelona

“My father told me the news. I always tell the story that I had two shirts, one for Barcelona and one for Madrid, and that I had to choose. It was easy for me to choose, but since everything was already agreed with Barcelona it was a surprise, because I didn’t expect Madrid to come.”

“It was a scare at first, but then one of the happiest moments of my life.”

Ancelotti and the option of him signing for Brazil

“My relationship with Ancelotti is very good. I’ve seen talk of Brazil, but they’ve denied it. If he goes to the national team I would be happy, I would love it, although there has never been a foreign coach, I don’t know what will happen.”

His first Real Madrid goal

“It was the most important goal for me. I had been playing very well but I lacked a goal and after this things changed. I started to do more important things. I started to be more decisive for my team, that’s what I was missing.”

The Vinicius situation

“Vinicius is very calm and always smiling. On that subject it bothers us all a bit. We feel we have nothing else to do, we don’t have much strength. We talk and nothing changes. I try not to talk anymore, because nothing changes.”

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