Modrić: “I don’t know when I’ll stop playing, maybe when I’m about 40.”

Luka Modrić spoke on his future, La Décima, his idols and more in an interview held at the launch of the ‘Sportening’ app, in which he is an investor. Here’s the interview in full:

Modrić: “It’s impressive when you have idols & then you see them or play against them. Boban for me is number one with Croatia during my childhood, thanks above all to this generation that achieved something very great from the World Cup in France 98. For me, he is number one.”

Modrić: “Apart from this, my connection with the club is perfect, my connection with the fans too, from the first moment they have shown me affection and have trusted me, supported me, and this has helped me achieve everything I have achieved.”

Modrić: “During my time in Madrid I have achieved more than I expected or wanted, because now it has been almost 10 years in a dream. It’s very difficult to write everything that has happened to me in these almost 10 years.”

Modrić: “I feel good, I want to enjoy football more, everything I’m doing. When you get to this age it’s very difficult to know how long you’re going to last or what you want to do. You have to go little by little, enjoy as long as it lasts.”

Modrić: “The plan for after football I really haven’t thought about yet. I’m not a person who thinks much about the future, I like to live in the present and go little by little, enjoy the moment, what I’m doing right now and we will see what the future will bring.”

Modrić: “La Décima is the happiest moment but I have lived many more happy moments, of enormous happiness, although this is number one. La Décima had been waiting for more than 12 years, and when I arrived, everyone was talking about La Décima, nothing else was important. I only heard the word la Décima, la Décima…that’s why I knew that I had to win it & to conquer it that way is something impressive.”

Modrić: “There are many happy moments that I have experienced at Real Madrid, but perhaps the happiest was winning La Décima. If I have to choose one, I think it’s that because it’s number 10, my favourite number, La Décima.”

Modrić: “Let’s see how long it will be but talking about years is very difficult. I’m almost 37 now but I feel really good. I have worked outside of Valdebebas and the club headquarters to find out what I can improve on, how I can keep my physical level.”

Modrić: “I don’t know until what year I will be able to play. It can be 40, or more or less. I have to go little by little, enjoy what I’m doing, I feel good physically, mentally, I’m at the best club in the world and I’m working to maintain this level as long as possible.”

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