Celebrating greatness: Cristiano turns 36

By: Enzo Karema

Where to start.

What to say.

Cristiano has either made the best writers, pundits and commentators reconsider whether they’ve used the correct adjective(s) to describe him, or have them wonder if they’ve repeatedly used the same words and unknowingly committed grammatical errors. The English language is believed to contain 171,146 words, but he’s continuously been too much of a problem to sufficiently honour over the years, even for the greatest footballing minds.

Not because he’s synonymous to players like Toni Kroos and discreetly performs his art, as he’s not. Rather, because greatness is not meant to be defined, but celebrated. Cristiano will always be undervalued, if people fail to realise they’re not supposed to do everything in their power to ensure enough light is shed on him, but enjoy his greatness while it lasts. 

Real Madrid were the luckiest club on the planet with him in their team, and can be credited for being his best-ever exponents. While it is true that he looked destined for success back at Manchester United in England, it was only at the pinnacle of football that he could write his name in the history books, reaching astronomical heights before eventually hanging his boots. Whilst at Los Blancos, the Portuguese intended to constantly certify he is the best and obviously win, and not on any occasion did he fail to.

451 goals in 438 appearances. These numbers are ridiculous, impossible to replicate. Madrid has seen many legends grace its glorious white jersey, and will in the future as well, but never will it see another Cristiano again, and neither will this sport once he decides he’s done enough. Never will there be anyone with a similar mentality, ambition to succeed, determination to achieve a goal and hunger to prove more and more wrong.

Now 36, there are reasons why many feel he may no longer manage to remain at the top of his game, but as I see it, he will. The more time passes, the more his body ‘weakens’, but Cristiano did not decline 2-3 years ago when he was expected to, and is relatively far from doing so as it seems. He has had to transform himself in Italy to lessen his workload and perform, and will certainly do whatever else it takes to remain the best.

We’re too privileged. Too privileged to be this public that has watched him for years, getting more and more impressed after every game, to the point where it hasn’t shocked us to hear he’s broken a new record, or achieved the remarkable. For sure, he still feels he can provide a lot more, as he’s not someone easily satisfied regardless of what he accomplishes, but so far, we’ve been too privileged. More life, CR7.

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