Casemiro: “I’ve made history at Real Madrid, the mission is complete”

Casemiro spoke to the media at a press conference following the tribute and leaving ceremony that was held at Real Madrid City. Here’s his interview in full:

Career at Real Madrid

“I feel very happy and that I have accomplished my goal. After leaving São Paulo in January 2013 I said to myself that I would give my all for this club, and I’ve done that. Not only when playing at the Bernabéu or away, but also when training. I sleep well because I’ve given my all and being able to say that makes me the happiest person in the world.”.

“It’s always difficult when you make an important decision in your life. I spoke to my agent after the Champions League final as I had the feeling that I was coming to the end of my cycle here. I’m very honest with the president, with the Madridistas and with myself. My agent said to go on holiday and we would talk again after a month and that feeling was still with me. If this was a mission, I’d say that the mission is complete. I’ve made history at this club, it’s not going to change, it’s done.”

Time at Castilla

“I started at Castilla and that was very important for me because I learned the values of the academy, which is the most important thing about this club for me. The academy is the future of the club. I’ve won a lot of titles, but the most important honour was coming here to train at Valdebebas every day.”

Kroos and Modrić

“It was just like when I told the president. Toni messaged me at 4 o’clock in the morning asking me if it was true that I was leaving and I told him yes, and I couldn’t sleep. My cycle has come to an end and we must now move on. I’ve got to focus on Manchester now. I’ll still celebrate Madrid’s goals and titles. This club will keep winning because it’s the biggest club in the world. They’re both my friends, they’ve helped me. Playing with the two of them is easy and we’ve had some wonderful nights.”

Manchester United

“I’m looking for a new challenge and new objectives. I want to try a different league and a different culture. I have to prove myself at Manchester United, I’m going there as another player to help the team on a daily basis. I’m really looking forward to it. It’s a very big decision for me and I wanted to thank my wife. We’re aware that it’s a big change, but my family has always backed my decision. I love the Premier League and I wanted to try it.”

Special moment

“What Ancelotti said the other day was very nice, particularly about the Bermuda Triangle. That will stay with me for the rest of my life. There’s a feeling of happiness because I’m one of the few lucky players to be able to wear this jersey, the last year was a magical Champions League. The magic nights last year were incredible, and they’ll stay with me.”

Tchouaméni and Camavinga

“I think Real Madrid always sign the best players. Don’t forget about Fede Valverde too, as I think he is a player for the next 10 or 12 years. Plus, Modrić and Kroos will continue for a while. As for the others, Camavinga already showed us last year that he can be a great player for Real Madrid. I’m sure Tchouaméni will have a lot of people to help him. He’s a starter for France, which is impressive. So, I think Real Madrid have good players for the future. This club will always keep winning.”

The Premier League

“The Premier League is a competition I’ve always liked and always wanted to play in. What I’m looking for is to have a new challenge, a new league and a new culture. It’s true that they’re not in the Champions League right now, but I’m excited. I haven’t spoken with Cristiano Ronaldo yet, but I’m excited to play with him again. I’m so keen to get started, with the biggest club in England. If it was up to me, I’d play for them already tonight against Liverpool. But, I know I haven’t won anything there yet.”

The World Cup

“I haven’t spoken to him (Tite, Brazil’s coach), there’s no need. Everyone in the Brazilian national team knows me and know the player I am. I’ll keep working and I’m thinking about Manchester United first and foremost, although the World Cup is also on the horizon too.”

Economic matter

“Those people who think that don’t know me at all. I would have left four or five years ago if it was about money. The club has always treated me very well. It’s my decision, my path. Those people who think that are wrong.”

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