Camavinga: “If I try Modric’s passes, I’d break my ankle.”

Eduardo Camavinga gave a lengthy interview to France Football where he discussed how he’s settled in at Real Madrid and what the locker room is like. Here’s his interview in full:

After winning the Spanish Super Cup, Camavinga expected the celebrations to continue in the locker room: “I was surprised when there were no celebrations for winning the Spanish Super Cup. I realised then that it would be completely different from Rennes. At that time, when we won a match, we would do anything (laughs). Here, only after very big victories can emotions overflow.”

David Alaba, an older brother: “He’s as nice as they say. Seriously, he’s someone who talks to you and helps you a lot. We have a very good relationship. But I can tell you that if I do something wrong, he’ll tell me firmly.”

Settling into the team: “Honestly, everyone has made me feel comfortable, without exception. Plus, I think I’m very friendly and open. When I have a question, I’ll ask it. Whether it’s Toni, or Luka or to others. Of course, when you go to people, they come to you more easily.”

Learning together with Modric : “It’s a real chance to learn my trade alongside these guys. Luka, he has an instinct. He hasn’t won the Ballon d’Or for nothing. He throws passes at you with the outside of his foot, pff… if I try such things, I’d break my ankle (laughs). He attacks as much as he defends, so I take inspiration from the way he moves.”

About Toni Kroos: “Toni, he makes crazy passes. You see matches, but it’s crazier in training. So, you watch and you necessarily want to do the same.”

About Casemiro: “When I play as a 6, he tells me to stay calm. And most importantly, not to get booked too early so I don’t have to change my game afterwards.”

Improving at Real Madrid: “It’s the biggest club in the world, isn’t it! Everything goes faster, on the field, in your development, everywhere…but it’s like all jobs, actually: if you’re in an excellent environment, plus you feel at home there, you develop quickly.”

His favourite position on the field: “I’ll say a number 6, yeah. But when I play as a number 8, I score! I’m happy to play wherever the coach wants me to.”

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